About Work Control System.

To address the ANSI Audit findings pertaining to missing documentation, NEMA will implement a second level review process for all documentation required by the standards project. The following actions will be taken for all ASCs and the canvass process:
  1. A staff person or persons from NEMA’s Technical Services Department will be designated to review all ANSI forms and necessary supporting documentation to ensure that the forms have been completed correctly prior to submittal to ANSI.
  2. This individual will be provided extensive training internally through NEMA, through participation in appropriate ANSI training classes, and through one-on-one training with ANSI staff, if available.
  3. Forms that are incorrectly filled out will be returned to the responsible secretary with the errors clearly identified. The responsible secretary will revise the form and resubmit it to the reviewer for a secondary review prior to the secretary submitting the form to ANSI and posting it to the Workspace for the ANSI standards project.

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